Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Fun Cont. So how did I do?

In my earlier post today, I talked about how my new aim was to find free activities or fun things to do with my girls since I'll soon have time but not money. So how did well did I follow my own plan. Pack a lunch. A+. Even though we didn't have much to make a picnic out of at home. I managed to pack food that each of us would eat. We had fun lounging by the koi pond and arboretum eating our free, well relatively free lunch. Bring yummy snacks. F. We didn't have much around the house to bring for a yummy snack unless I wanted to break open another box of girl scout cookies. I'm already in for five boxes and they don't come cheap. Instead, we bought an ice cream sandwich for the three of us to share at the Science Center. It was $2.22 with our membership discount. Stick close to home. C+. The Science Center is about 10 miles from home. It's not terribly close but it's not as far as the other places I might have gone. We have memberships to the Science Center so we didn't have to pay to play there. The membership is about $80 a year for our family. We probably go at least twice a month so its a good deal. If I prorate the cost it comes to about $3.33 per visit for all of us. I probably used a gallon of gas at $3.30/gallon. All told our little free outing cost about $8.85. It's certainly not as bad as it could be but it's not even close to free. Interesting how the little things add up.

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