Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day on the Cheap

A few years ago, my husband and I decided that greeting cards were overpriced and underwhelming. Do I really need to pay someone five dollars for a piece of paper and some words to tell someone something I should be perfectly capable of doing without said piece of paper? So, without really deciding, we simply stopped by each other cards for most things. So what will we do for our Valentine's Day celebration? Last week when I sorely needed it, my dear husband bought me my favorite See's candy. It was perfect. Today, I'm making my husband chocolate lava cakes. One of the desserts from an expensive restaurants we used to go to for special occasions. The total cost:

$8 for a box of chocolate for me

$8 in ingredients for chocolate lava cakes for him.

For little more than we would have spent on two cards, we got each other something that we can enjoy for more than just the minute it would take to read the card. We'll also tuck the kids in bed early tonight and enjoy some time together just the two of us. After all, what more does any of us really want than something sweet and time with their sweetie on Valetine's Day?

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