Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My new (small) place

I posted yesterday about a potential rental house that my husband and I were going to look at. We walked through the house and were generally pleased with everything: a good-size living room, one larger bedroom (good for the girls to share), and a decent bathroom. Then, we got to the kitchen dining room combination. You can probably fit both into my current kitchen. Yes, they are small. The house has a great yard, large garage for storage, and a wood-burning fireplace. The only big drawback was the small kitchen and non-existent dishwasher. We left the house and all I could think about was that tiny kitchen. All the other great things about the house seemed to pale in comparison to that small space. My husband was all for it. All he saw was that two-car garage, and then he was sold. I was more hesitant and needed to think about it for awhile. I had a case of the “grass might be greener”. I was ignoring all the great positive things about the house in the hope that there might be another house out there with a decent kitchen and dining room. Once, we’d made the decision to put in our application on the house, I was happy. This house meets pretty much all of our criteria and then some. Yes, we won’t be having dinner parties, and I will be back to washing dishes by hand. At least now I’ll have the time to wash the dishes.

We’ll be moving from our current 1800 square foot house to a 975 square foot house in March assuming that our credit checks out OK today. It’s exciting. It means that we’re one step closer to our goal. They even offered to knock another $50 off our rent for taking care of the yard. All in all, we’ll save $365 a month over our current place. That will go a long way to closing our budget gap. There is a lot to be thankful for. God provided a nice house in a great location that meets all of our needs. Maybe it doesn’t meet all of our wants but I think we can be really happy there. Now to start packing.

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