Saturday, February 26, 2011

Less like home, more like a house

We're moving two weeks from today into our new home. Until this morning, there was not a single box packed in my house. Oh and did I also mention that I will be out of town the weekend that we move, and my husband is currently out of town this weekend? I have this weekend and next to get my house packed up and ready to go. I also have to prepare for a girl scout weekend camping trip, which I am chaperoning while my husband and loved ones move my house for me.

It is all a little overwhelming. I think I'm in the pre-freak out phase where everything still seems copacetic. Sure, I can do all that in two weeks. Plus, take care of my youngest daughter who is sick right now. Thank goodness for mums and dads. They came down to bring me boxes and help pack this morning. In just about five hours, we sorted through and packed both my daughters' rooms and a lot of the dining room and kitchen. We packed out five bags of goodwill donations and another five bags of trash, all mostly from my oldest's room. She is a pack rat.

Since my parent's left, I've been looking around my house from the vantage of the sofa because man packing is tiring and thinking about how it looks a lot less like my home and a lot more like the house that we moved into a year and a half ago. After all of my worrying about moving and leaving this house, I think I was really just worried about leaving behind my home. It still feels like home here especially snuggled under a blanket and listening to the fire hiss and crackle. The storm has just slightly abated and the rain stopped. Out my large plate glass window, the trees in the front yard are shivering. The apple trees have flowered. We won't be here to enjoy the harvest this year. We'll be living in our new house. That is quite all right with me. They'll be great things that I'll love about our new house too. There is a cherimoya tree in the backyard. I can't say that I've ever had a cherimoya, but I hope I like them.

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