Thursday, March 10, 2011

Days Left: 27

Numero Tredici

What I’m looking forward to: reconnecting spiritually.
When my church closed its doors two years ago, I was set adrift. I loved my pastor and my church family. I had a place and a purpose. My family and I have wandered a bit from church to church trying to find the right place for us. Over the past several months it has all fallen to the back burner. I feel the need to find a new church but also to reconnect spiritually with God. He is a bit like a friend that I’ve lost touch with. I know he is there and maybe I check his Facebook status now and again, but we’re not having conversations and I’m not feeding that relationship. I feel that loss. I need to find the time for prayer and meditation. It needs to be a focus and not just an afterthought.

What I’m leaving behind: the rush and busyness of working.
Any poor mother who wakes up early, rushes around to get herself and her children fed, dressed and out the door in time, drives to work through traffic, works for eight or more hours, drives back through traffic, picks up the kids (sometimes multiple stops), makes dinner, gives baths, tries to give the kids some quality time, and then attempts to pay some little attention to her spouse before falling to sleep exhausted knows what I’m talking about. This is all if everything works well and little girls don’t forget to finish homework, and coffee doesn’t get spilled on blouses, and there isn’t an accident on the freeway, and there isn’t a work meeting that evening, and no one gets sick, and there aren’t bills to pay. Ok, so you probably get the picture. That is what I’m looking forward to leaving behind.

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