Thursday, March 3, 2011

To Work or Not to Work? That is the Question.

I’ve written about before how once I’ve quit, I’ll need to find a way to supplement our income. I’ve been envisioning that this would be a very part-time job wherever I can find one. Or I might just find that I’m able to cut expenses enough to make ends meet. I only need to earn a couple hundred dollars a month to close our budget gap. I’ve been looking all this time for a potential job that might be a little more than a retail job, one that might utilize my skill set and justify the many thousands of dollars spent on my higher education. I’ve applied to be an adjunct in our community college district. I’m not holding high hopes that it might pan out. I pretty much figured that when April rolled around I’d be sending in applications to whatever retails establishments that might be hiring in my community.
Then, today I saw a listing for a job that I think I would be keenly suited for. It’s for a great non-profit organization. What’s more is that I have a particular personal interest in the organization. I was so excited I started writing out a cover letter immediately. As I wrote the letter, I became increasingly excited about the possibility of working for the organization. It kind of threw me for a loop because just yesterday I couldn’t be more excited about leaving the professional workforce. The position is listed as part-time but there are no additional details about hours or schedule. I definitely don’t want to commit to something that is going to detract from my purpose, which is to spend more time with my girls. Perhaps, though if there was such a hypothetical position that would allow me to work no more than say two partial days (9 to 1:30pm) out of the home and maybe a few more hours at home, it might just allow me to have the work-life balance that has seemed so elusive. I would need to consider the costs of childcare for Lila for two days which would run about $50 day or $400/month for two full days at her current school. I could perhaps find something cheaper or offer to trade babysitting with another mom. I would still be able to pick up my older daughter from school in the afternoons. It might just be worth the tradeoffs. See how I get way too ahead of myself. I’m sticking my initial instinct. I’m going to send in my awesome cover letter (how could they not want to interview me?) and my resume. Then, we’ll just see what happens.

All of this did make me think that maybe there is still a spark, a drive somewhere down deep to work. I thought that it had all been extinguished by my experience at my current job. But maybe just maybe there is a little more left in me. With the right type of job and a better balance between work and family, maybe I might just get to have it all.

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