Thursday, March 3, 2011

Countdown Continues: 31!

Numero Nove

What I’m looking forward to: supporting my husband’s career.

Ok, this is totally something that I never thought I’d say. I’m a thoroughly modern woman. I don’t believe that men and women have separate places. We may choose separate roles for a time but I don’t think this has anything to do with a man or woman’s capacity or abilities. My husband loves his job. He loves to teach. He has been gradually moving into more leadership roles within his school. He organizes his PLC, he has a coordinator, and he is considering running for department chair. What this means is that he has needed to devote more and more of his time and energy to his job over the past two years. This has happened at a time when my job has become more stressful and time consuming as well. We often have conflicting commitments in the evenings or important meetings or assignments due at the same time (often when one of the kids is getting sick). Once I’ve quit, the pressure is off for him. He can devote time to work without the push-pull between us, and I can relieve him of some of his household responsibilities freeing him for his work. I hope I’ve explained that all well enough. He can be the best teacher he can be, and I can help that happen.

What I’m leaving behind: the uncertainty and instability of the organization I work for.

We face budget cuts and layoffs multiple times a year. This is hard as an individual. Even if you’re not affected, it is extremely disheartening. I’ve seen young talented people have to leave because of it. I myself have faced potential layoff multiple times.

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