Monday, March 7, 2011

Trying to Save Money When You're Busy

My personal finance self-discipline tends to erode when I get busy. If there was ever a week for that to happen, it would be this week. My household is moving on Saturday while my daughter‘s troop and I will be at girl scout camp. We need to sign our lease on Tuesday, finishing packing our house, make floor plans for furniture placement in the new house, pack for camp, get all of my troop paperwork and supplies in order, and try to stay calm and collected throughout it all. Not an easy task for someone like myself.

I’d like to throw the budget to hell this week and just do what needs to be done to get through the week. I didn’t get to my meal planning and grocery shopping this weekend. I was, of course, packing. So now I feel a little stuck. I’ve got to get some groceries to get us through the week. We’re out of some of the basics like bread and milk. However, I know that I just won’t have a lot of time to cook this week. So what are my options: eat out (we did have a few quick cheap takeout meals this weekend already), try to come up with a quick meal plan and shop accordingly, or buy some prepared foods from the grocery store to fill in the gap between now and next week. My husband will probably need to eat out for a few meals while our household is in transition next Saturday. I’d rather save the eating out funds for that purpose. So, I think I’ll take the middle route. I’ll buy a couple of prepared meals and groceries for a couple of quick meals. I think part of frugality is knowing when to splurge a little during critical times. I hope it won’t hurt my grocery budget too much this month.

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