Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Fridays off just aren’t enough.

It’s Friday. The day that makes working the rest of the four days of the week bearable. It’s the day that I get to pretend that my only job in the world is to be a wife, a mommy, and a friend. My Fridays off were a negotiation with my employer. I agreed to keep my current workload. They pay me for only thirty hours a week, and I get my Friday off. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal all around. For other working moms slogging their way through 40+ hour work weeks and toting kids back and forth to daycare five days a week, it probably sounds a lot like heaven. However, instead of satisfying me in a way that I get to keep my professional career and play stay at home mommy, it has instead made me realize how much I enjoy my Fridays with the kids and abhore my Monday through Thursday work. I love walking my older daughter to school, walking down to the village with a friend for a cup of coffee, and hitting the park on the way home to play with my youngest. I love the busyness of home life. I love the creativity of planning and cooking meals of sewing, knitting and making fun little toys for my daughters. I love the expectancy of waiting for my husband to get home. I love greeting him tired but happy with dinner well on its way. I know when I’m finally home that every day won’t be perfect. Some will be tough. There will be new worries about paying bills. But I’m happy in the moment in this beautiful day where I get to dream about a not to distant future when Fridays won’t just be Fridays. Fridays will be all week long.

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